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Here you can find the sites of my previous job's places:

1. Internova Corporation.

2. WebSci Technologies.

3. Open Technologies Ltd.

4. Moscow Centre of SPARC-technologies.

5. Joint Institute of Nuclear Research.

Here you can find some usefull information:

1.) Apache conference at Dubline, Ireland, Europe, October, 2001

2.) Sun and links to Sun's sites (more than 50 sites, who doesn't know SMCC).

3.) Oracle and links to Oracle's sites ( Right now, the most impression RDBMS).

4.) Anything and allways about Apache (now it's more than 20 subprojects)

5.) IPlanet (If you want to provide WWW and e-commerce on Sun platform).

6.) Microsoft .

7.) Perl (The most popular scenarious language).

8.) Moziila (We wait it....)

8.) PHP (Very competitive engine for server-side methods).

9.) EMC ("Where lives info"....)

10.) O'Reilly Open Source Convention, San-Diego, CA, USA, July, 2001

11.) MySQL (Database which is very good for small and middle Internet projects).

12.) IBM. (Wow!!! Look inside and read about structure).

13.) AT&T ,Bell-Labs. (Almost like IBM. Unix,C came out).

14.) CERN. (Where the Web were born...)

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