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E-commerce/Datawarehouse solutions.

... Choosing the solution's scheme accordingly your business model (D2D,B2B,B2U,B2G). Choosing the database, e-commerce engine, middleware solutions, definition of e-commerce front-end, back-end, workflow scheme. Design logical/physical databases. Coordinate database development/apply knowledge of database design standards/mgmt systems. Review user needs, estimate time/cost for completion. Determine if creation of new programs/modifying existing programs that access data stored in databases are needed. Define, create, revise, control database. Revise definitions at data dictionary/determine enter changes including type, structure, intended use of data within system using computer. Develop data model, write physical database description, location, space requirements, access methods. Protect data resources against unauthorized access/accidental destruction. Implement industry standards which based on knowledge of database management systems. Choosing the WWW, server-side engine, the shoping card's model, the security transaction's scheme and verification scheme, statistics calculations. Design front-end and back-end if needed. Definition of OS/RDBMS-platform with optimal requirements on your needs. Design of flexible secure environment for 24x7 operation's scheme, including balancing, caching and secure remote access.