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The functional resume.

89D Robert Treat Drive, Milford, CT 06460, US

(203) 882-8070


Igor Lukyanov


Software Engineer, Master Unix and NT administrator, and Senior DBA with more than 14 years IT experience in software design, development, project management, tools/utilities, and internet-related systems management. Master-level abilities in Solaris and Linux admin and programming, Oracle development and DBA Oracle 7.x and 8.x on various operating systems (Solaris, DigitalUnix,WindowsNT, Linux). Experienced programmer in C, Shells, C++, Java, JavaScript, HTML, XML, WML. Experienced in Windows NT 4.0, WindowsNT 3.x, SunOS, Digital UNIX/Compaq True64, SCO, IRIX, NCD, WinCenter/WinFrame. Experienced systems/internet/networking engineer in all varieties of internet servers and internet related technologies. Experienced project leader; also comfortable as individual contributor and team member.


Hardware: PDP-11, VAX-11, Convex, IBM/PC compatibles line (XT,AT286,386,486,Intel Pentium 75-200,233MMX,PII,PIII, P4, Celeron, Athlon, K6), SunSPARC(UltraSparc)stations, SPARC(UltraSparc)servers, SPARCstorage Arrays, CRAY SuperServer CS6400, DigitalWorkstations, DigitalAlphaServers, DigitalNetworksLine,DigitalStorageWorks Line, DigitalPC ProductLine (include servers), Compaq PC (include servers), Sun and Digital TapeLibraries, Writable CD's, MobilePhones (device/location detection), Palms (Oracle). NetworkComputerDevices Product Line, different kinds of networking Equipment (LAN/WAN) - Cisco, Nokia, Xylogics, D-Link, Cabletron, modems.

Operating systems: MS DOS, MS Windows NT 3.x, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95/98/2000Prof., Linux (RedHat 6.1-6.2,7; Mandrake6-7; Caldera2.3; TurboLinux 6.0.2; NetBSD1.4.1; Debian2.1.4; Corel Linux1.0; Small Linux; Xos; minix); SCO UNIX; SunOS; Solaris 1.1.1, 2.x, 7(SPARC/Intel), 8 (SPARC/Intel); Digital UNIX; IRIX; NCD WinCenter/WinFrame;

Languages: C, C++, Java, JavaScript, JavaServerPages, PHP, HTML, SQL, PL/SQL, WAVE-GL, VisualBasic, Pascal, Fortran77/90, VisualFortran, scripting (sh, ksh, bsh, bash, csh, vcsh), scenarious languages (perl, awk, sed),

RDBMS: OracleLite (95/NT), PersonalOracle (95), Oracle Workgroup Server 7 (DigitalUnix,Solaris,NT), Oracle Enterprise Server 7/8 (DigitalUnix,Solaris,NT), Oracle8I (Solaris2.6/2.7 , 7, 8, Linux RH7, NT4.0), MySQL, SQL Server7.0

Networking: TCP/IP, SNMP, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, IMAP, POP3, Microsoft Network, samba, UUCP, PPP,PPPoE, SLIP, NFS, Sun NIS/NIS+, DNS, ADSL, SDSL, named, Ipsec, VPN.

Administration utilities: Veritas BackupExec, (unix: cpio, tar, mt, crontab, at, dd, etc.) Veritas Volume Manager, Compaq Utilities.

RDBMS Tools: Developer2000, Discoverer2000, Designer2000, StarDesignor, CrystallReports, ProcedureBuilder, OracleEnterprise Manager, Oracle Backup/Instance/Recovery Managers, Oracle imp/exp-utilities.

WWW-servers: Apache(avtorecoding); IPlanet; NetscapeEnterprise; MSIIS; NCSA; WebSite; Boa; MSPersonal; Resin

Mail-servers: AltaVistaMail Server, Netscape Enterprise Mail Server, Sun Mail Server, postfix-mail relay, qmail, sendmail, MS SMTP

FTP-servers: ftpd, wu-ftpd, serv-u ftp, MS FTP

News: innd (Digital Unix, Solaris, Linux)

Internet Middleware: JDBC, JDBC/ODBC-bridges, Servlets (ServletExec2.x/3.1,ApacheJserv1.0, Iplanet Servlet), JSP, PHP, CGI, OpenLDAP

Internet related systems: AltaVista Forum 98, Sun Directory Service, IPlanet Calendar/Express Server

Internet Statistics Systems: Webalizer 2.0, WebTrends Prof./Ent. suites

Web utilities: publishing/mirroring/backup/networking utilities, webcopy, vroute, anti-spam filters, blockers, antiviruses, log-analyzers.

Security: Ssh, Postfix-mail relay, AltaVista Firewall, Checkpoint Firewall (Nokia Appliances), Cisco Pix Firewall, Watchguard Firewall, ipfwadm, fbuilder, IPCHAINS, VPN-routers (freeswan, vtun, opensec).

Security crypto: MD5, MDES5, snefru, PGP

Security daemons: authd, djbdns, finderd, pidentd, publicfile, qmail, rfingerd, rpc.pcnfsd, sfingerd, tftpd, ucspi-tcp, xinetd

Security firewalls: drawbridge, freestone, fwconfig, gshield, ipchains, ipfilter, ipfirewall, mason, muffin, netfilter, screend, Cybergen

Security IDS: aafid, dtk, phf, snort, tripwire

Security libs: cracklib, libdes, libnet, libnids, msystem, pcap, ufc-crypt

Security logutils: chklastlog, chkwtmp, clog, courtney, dump_lastlog, klaxon, logcheck, logdaemon, loginlog, netlog, scan-detector, sentry, swatch, sysklogd, tklogger, tocsin, trimlog

Security netutils: argus, arping, arpmon, arpwatch, chalace+hidleho, dsniff, ethereal, fremont, gau, hping, hunt, icmpinfo, ipacl, jping, nemesis, netcat, netman, netramet, nfstrace, nfswatch, nocol, openssh, patchar, patchsym, pmutil, portmap, portsentry, radius, review, rpcbind, rpcs, rshd-echo, rsucker, skey, spak, sra, sting, synsniff, tcp_wrapper, tcpdump, tcpr, traceroute, udprelay, ypx

Security pwdutils: anlpasswd, chkpwd, crack, john, monkey, passwdd

Security scanners: cops, gate, issl, natas, ncarp, nessus, nmap, probe_tcpports, probe_udpports, queso, saint, sara_reporter, sara, satan, scanssh, strobe, tiger, whisker

Development tools: JavaWorkshop, JavaStudio, Forte 1.0/2.0, Sun WorkShop, IBM Visual Age, GNU, XEmacs, Emacs, Komodo, cooledit, specTcl, specJava

QA & Perfomance Analyse: SilkTest, SilkPerformer

Visualisation: MS Visio2000

Graphic & Internet Design Tools: Mapedit, xview, linkbot, Spinel Webmapper

Graphic Packages: Gimp, Corel Draw, Adope PhotoShop, Dreamveawer, Fireworks, Macromedia Flash

Office packages: StarOffice, OpenOffice, MS Office2000


December'99-Present: Senior System Administrator and Software Engineer, Internova Corporation, New York, NY

System and Network management of company's and customer's client-server and internet networks, design and support of mail-servers (Unix, NT) and postfix smtp-relays, design and support of Virtual Private Network between remote company offices, design of new subnetworks, support of four NT-Domains, troubleshooting for E-commerce web-system environments , security system management, security and system analyst, installation/customization/tuning/support of Oracle RDBMS on different platforms (Solaris, Linux, NT), support of Customer's web & ftp hosting and collocation service, development of new products (Java, Oracle), customization of new equipment and software packages, tuning of networks and computer equipment, design of firewalls (IPchains/Linux) and VPN-routers(IPsec/fswan), support T-1/ADSL/SDSL-provider's channels/firewalls (IPChains, Checkpoint's, WatchGuard's), installations (NT, Solaris, Linux, 2000, software packages), administration of users, quotas, file resources, www, ftp, staging and production environments. The implementation of Pure Java middleware e-commerce ENGINE (the main company's product which was developed on NT4.0/MSSQL7.0/MSIIS) on Unix (Solaris 2.7-2.8/Oracle8i/Netscape Enterprise Server 4.1) platform. I realized the migrations of different solutions from MSSQL-server (v7.0) to ORACLE8/8i-server. I designed and developed middleware content manager module (Java Servlet, JavaScript, JSP) for on-line real-time remote updates of WWW-server's content.

January'99-December'99: Senior Consultant WebSci Technologies Inc., New Jersey, USA

Project manager and technical lead on a subsystem of software development project 'Saffron'. Unix (Solaris) System Administrator at ERP (Oracle Application) of Baltimore, MD.

September'95 - January'99: CTO & COO DecArt Ltd., Moscow, Russia.

Lead systems engineer and manager of all technical staff. Customer support and consulting in UNIX (SunOS, Solaris v.2.x, Digital Unix v.3.x & v.4.x, Linux, FreeBSD), Windows NT v.3.x, v.4.x, Windows 95/98, Windows for Workgroups, Windows v.3.x, AltaVista Digital/Compaq Products (AltaVista Firewall 97, Mail97, Forum98, etc.), Oracle (Lite, Personal, Workgroup, for NT, Enterprise Server (last - for Alpha, UltraSparc, Wintel platform), Developer2000, Designer2000, Discoverer2000, etc.), NCD WinCenter, Citrix Winframe, NCD PC-Xware, Age XoftWare, Sun Java Workshop, Sun Java Studio, MSOffice products, Corel products, Adobe PhotoShop products, VNI PV-WAVE (for Alpha, UltraSparc, Wintel), languages (c/c++, fortran (including Digital VisualFortran), Java), DEC hard/soft-platform, SUN hard/soft-platform, Intel + MS hard/soft-platform,Netscape Communication/IPlanet Software Products, Digital StorageWorks Systems. Installation and tuning of SUN, DEC, and third-party software/hardware solutions for internal company use and customers. Management of the company's WWW-servers, email, news, ftp, DNS, NIS+, backups, printers, firewall, storage management. Development and design of customer projects. Management of all development programs (Oracle, Localization, UNIX (include X/Motif), Java, RDBMS+CGI+WWW, RDBMS+JDBC+WWW, mapping, convertors, translating, Java-monitoring (SNMP-alternative), Business Systems on Oracle, 4GLs (SQL, WAVE-GL).On-line customer support by phone, fax, e-mail, trips and contractual hardware and software support. Managing troubleshooting and bug report processes for complex computer and networking systems, for SUN, DEC, Wintel hardware/software, for large scalable RDBMS Oracle Servers. Developed/Installed Tools for LAN/WAN (Intranet & Internet)/UUCP, "thin client" systems, traffic accounting, login management. Remote management of large RDBMS servers from company office to other Moscow locations. Design of customer service support programs. Organization of presentations, exhibitions, conferencing, planning of development works, design and redesign of computer and network systems, building of network and computer proposals and projects. Sales officer experience. Oracle Applications Systems Project Leader including the following projects: "Negociant" - Universal Trade Computer System for selling and buying (Oracle). "Model" - Computer System for stock-taking (Oracle). "Avto-Info" - Automated Computer System for Car Trading Business (Oracle). "Localisation Kit And Miscellaneous Tools for Solaris 2.x" (Solaris, C, C++, shells). "Den's Internet Kits" - Internet Powerpack for Alpha and Sparc Systems (Solaris, DUG, gcc, gcc++, shells). "Ivan Susanin" - Internet Datawarehouse System (Oracle). "Java Statistics v.0.1a" - Perfomance Monitoring Internet Tool by DecArt Ltd. (JDK 1.0.2, Sun JavaWorkshop v.2.0) "O.K." - Computer system for Commerce Network Marketing (Oracle). "Gold Staircase" - MLM Computer system (Oracle). "O.K.II" - MLM Computer system (Oracle).

August' 94 - September'95: CTO, Open Technologies, Inc., Moscow, Russia.

Managed all technical staff including hardware and software support teams. Manager and developer of large software/hardware installations for customers (banks, internet providers, research institutes, commercial companies), including a project with a CRAY CS6400 Superserver (unique within Russia), Sun servers and workstations, SPARC storage arrays (RAIDs), PCs, Annex Three Communication Servers, Cisco routers, various modems, local networks, and Oracle RDBMS v.7.1.3. Connected several customer networks to Internet via Cisco routers, installed WWW-servers and Internet services (ftp, httpd, smtpd, sendmail, gopher, proxies, telnetd, named (DNS), etc.). Oracle DBA for design and installation of different Sun Sparc Server's projects. Duties included organization, management, planning, scheduling and marketing.

September'93-August '94: System Administrator, Moscow Center for SPARC-technology, Moscow, Russia.

Systems Hardware/Software Administrator of office LAN, including SPARC Stations, SPARC Servers and PCs. As a senior pre-sales technical lead, configured several projects that use Sun Microsystems equipment, in particular a network with 90 Sun hosts in Samara City Bank. Pre-sales support and configuration of hardware of Sun stations and servers; networking LANs and WANs for customers. Developed numerous system administration scripts and X Window interfaces for administering Solaris2.x. Large experience in SUN hardware gained by working for SunService contract (repair, support, consulting).

August'87-September'93: Leading science engineer, Joint Institute of Nuclear Research, Dubna, Moscow Region.

Junior scientist in a region of experimental physics participating in R&D projects similar to L* (L-Star Project, Texas), LHC (Lepton-Hadron Calorimeter, CERN, Geneva) by Dubna JINR Researchers group. The project's goal was to design a semiconductor laboratory for nuclear detectors. Designed and implemented: Design of clean rooms zone for microelectronics works, like thermal diffusion, ion implantation, oxidation, acid cleaning, etc. Design of surface barrier detectors for nuclear beams and prototypes of ion-implantation detectors. Automated computer systems for precision measurement of volt-ampere characteristics nuclear detectors, by CAMAC-standards with my program for managing and measurement (written in Borland C). Automated computer system for nuclear spectral measurement by alpha- and beta-beaming, by FASTBUS-standards with my program for managing and measurement (written in Borland C). The program for nuclear spectral information calculation (written in Pascal). Participated in conference on Computational Modeling and Computing in Physics, TEX, GNU, etc. and published some preprints, articles and reports on international conferences about it.


M.D. in Physics Semiconductors Devices include computer skills (1982-1987). Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys, Moscow, Russia.

Unix Administration e-certification by Tekmetrics, Certified Master Unix Administrator (1999). (Transcript ID:111961).

Oracle DBA Administration e-certification by Tekmetrics, Certified Oracle DBA Administrator (1999).(Transcript ID:111961).

Oracle Programmer e-certification by Tekmetrics, Certified PL/SQL Programmer (1999). (Transcript ID:111961).

Linux Administration e-certification by Tekmetrics, Certified Linux Administrator (1999). (Transcript ID:111961).

Young Scientist Schools (1987-1993). Joint Institute of Nuclear Research, Dubna, Moscow Region.

Special Course of Nuclear Beams (1991). National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN), Florence, Italy.

"Advanced SE Certification Training" Course (1993). SunMicrosystemsComputerCorporation, Moscow, Russia.

"SMCC Products Training" Course (1993).SunMicrosystemsComputerCorporation, Moscow, Russia.

Compaq Courses for Technical and Sales Stuff (1994). R-Style/Compaq, Moscow, Russia.

"CS6400 Maintenance" course (1995). CRAY Research Superservers, Beaverton, Oregon.

"DEC Products Training 96" course (1996). Digital Equipment Corporation, Moscow, Russia.

"DEC Products Training 97" course (1997). Digital Equipment Corporation, Moscow, Russia.

"Sun Workgroup Product Training" course (Sun Resellers Competency 2000). (1998). Sun Microsystems Computer Corporation, Moscow, Russia.

"Oracle Marketing Program. New products" (1998). Oracle Corporation, Moscow, Russia