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Welcome to Igor Lukyanov's Jobs page!

Here you can find some info about me, my job, interests and some useful info and links for Unix's, Linux, Oracle, Win/NT/2000's System Administrators. My favorite OS is Solaris. Why I like it? Solaris is not fastest and it's not most reliable but combination of features makes Solaris the best. After this you need to mark the scalability of it and eternal aspiration of Sun MicroSystems Computer Corporation to innovations . It gives the best results when you choose this platform for implementations and business applications.

Here is my short summary: Software Engineer, Master Unix and NT administrator, and Senior DBA with more than 14 years IT experience in software design, development, project management, tools/utilities, and internet-related systems management. Master-level abilities in Solaris and Linux admin and programming, Oracle development and DBA Oracle 7.x and 8.x on various operating systems (Solaris, Digital Unix, Windows NT, Linux). Experienced programmer in C, Shells, C++, Java, JavaScript, HTML, XML, WML. Experienced in Windows NT 4.0, WindowsNT 3.x, SunOS, Digital UNIX/Compaq True64, SCO, IRIX, NCD, WinCenter/WinFrame. Experienced systems/internet/networking engineer in all varieties of internet servers and internet related technologies. Experienced project leader; also comfortable as individual contributor and team member.

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P.S.: Also I like the Penguins and I put one on my page.

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